Project 3


Grace opened the magazine and suddenly she was bombarded with images and ideals of the body. A woman’s body. Her body. Ideals telling her that it was good to work out but also, it was desirable to be curvy. That you need to be independent and have your own career but that men only like girls who are delicate and motherly. She looked at these magazines and longed to look like the celebrities that were spread across it.

Brief: Redesign an object considering its entanglement

Object: Height chart

The object I have design is an instrument that measures the female body. It is an adjustable rule that is made to measure the waistline, and the units are replaced with the names of women that are deemed desirable. In this project I have explored the contractions regarding the female body and the elusive ideals that it is faced with. I also explore the realms of femininity and its meaning in a contemporary society.


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