Eat your heart out

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Project 1.5

The topic of racism is a sensitive one, many of us like to think we are above xenophobia but the rise of UKIP supporters and “political” groups like Britain First has reinforced the fact that racism lies insidiously in our society. Through the use of food I want to explore how our preconceptions about cultures can be challenged.

Throughout history bread has been present in almost every culture. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution when the white loaf became the loaf of choice for industrial bakers. The white loaf that was being made in these bright, white and clean factories meant that the colour white became a symbol for purity and health.

My concept for an cultural and ethnic awareness day uses bread as a vehicle to attempt to  educate, encourage interaction and challenge preconceptions surrounding ethnicity and culture.

Each different type of bread is an attempt to target different reasons for race discrimination. The hybrid loaf targets the problem of stereotyping, by reshaping the breads into the shapes of breads from different cultures, its aim is to educate people and question our identity and how we project our identity onto objects. The yellow and black aims to disassociate the outdated idea that the colour white is synonymous with purity or cleanliness. The share loaf is intended to increase interaction and communication, it encourages it user to give the other half to a neighbour or acquaintance.

The event is a bakery and supermarket takeover, the breads will be sold and customers will buy it to experience it within their own homes. The importance of this is that these objects will permeate into our society but subtly. The attempt of this project is to challenge peoples pre-existing views regarding race and culture, and try to dissipate these views through bread as a medium.


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